lets get visual, visual…

I tend to skip over the advertising in magazines but Bang and Olufsen (Wired UK 08/11 p20) have caught my eye. The big selling point at the top of their advert for the Beosound 8 says “Incredible Sound. Incredible offer.” but it’s the tag line underneath the massive image that caught my attention. It says “what colour will you listen to?”. It appears that the main selling point for their audio product is the fact you can choose from 6 colours to have your speakers.

And it’s worth choosing wisely as they look like a pair of mickey mouse ears either side of a shiny aluminium volume knob. Anywho, I started thinking about a couple of different things.

Firstly, does the church use  visuals to back up our audio product? I guess the answers is ‘sometimes’ but it’s rare it’s the actual selling point.

Secondly, do we give people enough choice, and if we do, is it something they actually care about having a choice over?

Questions to draw a picture about

  • how can we encourage the church to use more visual?
  • how can we engage with visual media as a selling point for our message?
  • does anyone else think the Beosound 8 is not as cool as other Bang and Olufsen products?
  • what sort of choices do we give the participants (or audience?!) in our services / events?
  • how would church look if it was based on choices we gave people during a service / event?

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