For those of you who have already seen the LIVE CREATIVE page, GREAT! This will give you a little more information on how you can engage with the new series of posts on the anewloom blog in 2020…

Each daily post is a simple selection of inspiration that you can use as a point of creative reference during your day.

The theory behind the new series is this;

The more sources of inspiration or ideas you engage with, the more likely you are to create something of value.

James Fox-Robinson

These sources of inspiration (existing matter) should be as diverse as possible so we don’t fall into the trap of only creating things that are similar to what we’ve already made. You can so this in really simple ways; buy a magazine on a subject you’ve never explored, ask friends to send you postcards with random images, have a physical thesaurus on the desk… and signing up to get the anewloom blog posts to your email inbox is obviously worth considering.

As a helpful exercise, it may be worth reflecting on where your ideas come from and the different sources of inspiration that have fed into a particular project. This way, you become a more reflective practitioner in life and in the long term this helps your mind to recall inspiration or ideas you didn’t use but might help with your current project / life issue etc.

Our brains engage with different media in different ways (which is why, historically, I’ve always tried to have lots of images and video on the blog) so although words are a primary source for some people, others are visual learners and I’ll always have at least one image on each post. It is good to engage with sources that are not your primary learning style as they give you a creative jolt, they make you think in a different way.

As you engage with the inspiration each day;

  • see how it affects your decisions
  • reflect on the emotions it brings up
  • recognise if your mind goes back to a word or image
  • try to be aware of how the inspiration has embedded into your day

The new series starts on Jan 1st but there’ll be a couple of introductory posts the next 2 days with some examples of ways you can engage with the sources of inspiration.

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