If you have no idea what LIVE CREATIVE is, do check out the LIVE CREATIVE page. This post will give you a some examples on how you might engage with the new series of posts that will start on Jan 1st 2020, 7am each morning.

Below is an example of what a LIVE CREATIVE post will look like, following that are some ideas on how you might engage with it…


word of the day


prompt of the day

Give more than you take

quote of the day

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James

image of the day

So in what ways could you engage with the sources of inspiration in the example above?

The word ‘Block’ might conjure up ideas around; compartmentalising, building, theatre productions or not doing something… what is your initial reaction? does it lead to positive or negative thoughts? can you focus on something positive that it might speak into your day? is there something you need to block out today, a distraction or common form of procrastination? Blocking in theatre is about where people stand during each scene – do you need to be where you are or move to be heard?

Prompt of the day is a phrase that can aid you in taking a particular line of thinking… Today’s example ‘give more than you take’ might just be an ethos you try to take on for the day. Or it may have a more practical application around social justice or your working environment.

Quotes are often a fantastic source of inspiration but it’s worth reflecting for a while on what they might have to say into your day rather than just the initial reaction… Today you might reflect on your self worth or whether you really believe what you do is important. This doesn’t have to relate to work, it could be how you treat the Big Issue seller you pass or how you react to an awkward situation…

Lastly, the image of the day may help to jog some creativity. There are a plethora of themes that Dr Who’s TARDIS might lead your brain towards – have a go now… if it helps, jot down your line of thinking (or spider diagram of thinking) on a scrap of paper. Might any of those thoughts inspire something in your day? If nothing else, we can all look forward to the new series that begins tomorrow but really it might be as simple as saying to yourself – today I’ll think on a cosmic scale, big differences, big changes, big travel ideas, big risks.

The final thing, if you have a few spare minutes, is to consider how all these sources might work together… I’d love to hear your thoughts, you can tell me what you’ve come up with via the contact page or on the anewloom facebook page.

Remember – the more sources of inspiration you engage with, the more likely you are to create something of value, whether that’s a product, an idea, a better day for your mental health or something entirely different altogether…

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