Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 24

In this penultimate post in this year’s series of Advent reflections, I wanted to move away from movies and illustrations and geekiness to something potentially more high brow, or at least different.

Typography has been a long held interest of mine, the choices people make about fonts, type, colour and layout of text are intriguing to me, and so subjective. However, once those choices have been made, perhaps the resulting reactions of people engaging with the work are more objective?

There are some brilliant pieces of graffiti and posters and advertising that take typography to its limits. The ones I’m attracted to are often just one or two words that cleverly combine text and meaning.

Is there one word that sums up your hopes for this Christmas?

As we spend the day madly preparing for the festivities of tomorrow, can I encourage you to take a moment of stillness, of quiet, of calm somewhere and reflect on these images. It would be great to hear which one stood out for you, spoke to you of your journey through 2020 or your hopes for the coming year.

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