I’ve not posted anything here for a while… It’s a combination of having moved house and exploring what work looks like around childcare and house responsibilities.

One of the projects I’ve been involved in is #LentVoices, a collaborative project curating reflections for lent. Each week there is a different theme explored by 6 different voices.

Mark Berry – Pioneer, Teacher, Speaker and Poet. Mark helps groups and individuals break boundaries, engage with culture and grow community. https://www.mark-berry.co.ukhttps://picturapoesis.blog/

Andy Campbell – Coach, Trainer, Artist, Poet and occasional square peg. Andy helps people work out who they are, and what their next step might be. https://qawah.co.uk

James Fox Robinson – Creative, 3rd Order Franciscan, Dreamer, Professional Nuisance. James is passionate about curating spaces for people to engage with God’s story, physically and digitally. Contemplative Owl on Youtube

Lucie Hutson – teacher and learner, created and creator, speaker and pioneer. Lucie is passionate about helping people to wander and wonder in the world around us. www.muddychurch.co.uk

Hasna Khatun – Ordained Pioneer Minister in the C of E. Teacher and Professional Actor/Presenter/Voiceover. Hasna lives to eat and laugh sparingly… She’d like to write an alternative script for Barbie, Ken and Cindy and adores the people who don’t fit in. www.linkedin.com/in/hasna-khatun-b0941b204/

Sally Nash – Author, Researcher, Educator, Priest, Mentor, Spiritual Accompanier. Sally is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and make a bigger difference in their world. www.sallynash.co.uk

My first contribution to the project is this video on ‘Leaving’.

I’m able to participate in these types of projects due to the kind support of patrons. If you are interested in becoming a patron please do check out my PATREON page.

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