This will come as no surprise to those of you who have followed my career for some time…

Despite my best efforts to work freelance, I just don’t have the drive to make it happen. I hate marketing myself, spending half the time finding work rather than doing it and fighting about being paid. It’s not for me.

I have also been through a process of giving up a bunch of dreams such as doing a doctorate etc.

Being a pioneer in the Church of England has also come to an end as I find myself uneasy with the direction in which the institution is going. I still feel I have an important voice around laity, mission and spirituality but I’ll have to find a different context in which to explore these things.


I’ve been appointed as Lead Theatre Technician for Durham University. This is a new post which will oversee the technical side of productions at The Assembly Rooms and other university venues. The role is not so much to do the technical work as to facilitate the students. There is a Health and Safety element, a maintenance element and the potential to input creatively to the 100+ shows the university’s 30+ theatre groups create each year.

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  1. Karen Sancto says:

    Hi James – I hope and pray that you love this new work and that God blesses you through it. You are a very special person who I know God is using (which is why you probably become ‘discomforted’ at things that don’t sit right, if you know what I mean?!?!?!) I wonder whether God will use your influence indirectly with the students?
    Take care.

    Karen Sancto
    School Effectiveness Advisor
    Diocese of Bath and Wells
    Office 01749 685102
    Mobile 07736 903854
    Twitter @bathwells| Facebook /bathandwells | YouTube /diocesebathwells

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