Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 7

For many of the characters in the Nativity story, it must have felt like the crew of the USS Enterprise – boldly traveling to the unknown… This is true in both a physical and emotional sense. Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem for the census, unsure as to how they would be received when theyContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 7”

Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 6

It’s not easy to slow down during advent, the relentless drive towards consumerism is all around us via the TV, billboards, advertising and the expectations of our family and friends or just society as a whole. I thought it might be different this year but the advertising is still relentless – Tesco has even decidedContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 6”

Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 1

The start of advent is a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole… We begin a journey. This journey could just involve a lot of chocolate, last minute internet shopping and stressing over impending family visits. Or, it can involve looking back over the year (and what a year it’s been) while entering intoContinue reading “Advent Reflections 2020 : Day 1”